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a Pocits Project

Pocit Token


Advertising is ever present everywhere in the digital universe and constantly competing for your attention. But just how much is your attention worth?


Despite all the info advertisers can and do know about you, the precise value of your consumer eyeballs is still impossible to equate. Your ad worth varies. It depends on the company’s marketing budget and the product being advertised, like a haircut at a salon vs a car from a dealer. As consumers we’re simply not the same to all businesses. But what we do know is the big picture; how much advertisers spend online to reach their audience. Across North America, about $134 billion is spent each year to reach people like you through all those apps and websites you engage in. Big bucks!

When divided by the population that's about $365 per person; nearly $1 a day to get your attention. Your digital activity generates a continuous stream of revenue each and every day, year after year. That means a city of 100,000 people generates $36.5 million a year. A lot of money! In fact, you and the people of your town are a renewable resource! But who benefits most?

While advertisers simply wish to connect with local consumers, the money they spend largely exits each city’s borders to the profit of very few companies and their owners. Over 50% goes to Google and Facebook alone! What if the money generated by your town stayed in your town for the benefit of the residents?

Pocits is a world of city networks with a better way to connect online. And best of all, at, 100% of the advertising revenue earned from your town stays in your town! By simply marketing goods and services within the Pocits NETWORK, advertisers help to fund enterprise within their community via grants to local projects and pocitcoin.

Pocitcoin is a digital asset issued on the Bitshares blockchain and trades under the name POCIT. Each token can redeem an entire ad-block: a fixed quantity of marketing products, circulation and time within the ecosystem of The token’s value is the goods it secures as the network’s marketing suite is priced in pocitcoin. The token offers utility with guaranteed buying power irrespective of rising and fluctuating prices for those same products in all other currencies.

Pocitcoin transforms advertising from a static expense to a dynamic commodity that can be bought and sold as a tradable asset. In addition to redeeming tokens for superior B2B and B2C networking and marketing at, corporations, professionals and the general public may buy and sell the network’s ad-blocks for their upside profit potential through the free market exchange of pocitcoin.

Oversight and fair market price for pocitcoin is provided through the ad-block metrics of the Pocit INDEX, the token’s price discovery mechanism. The mandate of the Pocits PROJECT is to establish, secure and maintain its systems development and to manage the token’s initial distribution as outlined in this document, at and at

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